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Like a vehicle, the internet will help you select even although you aren’t acquiring something tangible. The web may have current investment premiums for all the main banks, and it will have premiums for additional items .

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Today’s minorities are becoming tomorrow’s majority. In consumer driven supply chains, Corporations know that their suppliers; their supplier’s workers; and, the consumers in the communities where suppliers are located are all their customers, and that remaining globally competitive – retaining and increasing market share and avoiding market share loss – require that they strategically realign their supply base to mirror the evolving consumer base.

Corporations know too that the real competition is not one Corporation versus another, but between their supply chains – from the point of raw material production to the hands of the consumer. They know that the higher the percentage of aligned suppliers, the lower their cost, the better their customer service, and the higher their profits and, that the only meaningful criteria for supplier value in supply chains is their ability to add value to production, reduce the cost of production, and to innovate.

While the diversification of supply chains to reach its customers has become an important corporate strategic objective, the effective integration of Minority Small Manufacturing Enterprises (MSMEs) in supply chains will be challenging due to historic lack of meaningful inclusion; lack of focused programs; perceived and/or actual utilization risk; and, escalating supplier performance and supply chain alignment metrics required by Corporations for all supplies. Understanding these dynamics and continuing to conduct research in them, the National Minority Manufacturing Institute’s (NMMI’s) approach to MSME development is centered on the MSME’s demonstrable alignment with the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements of Industry Groups by Manufacturing Types. We collaborate with Member Corporations’ and obtain s’ KPIs as a basis for assessment, performance benchmarking, and, hands-on in-plant assistance to reduce MSME performance risk and support supply chain alignment in the following areas:

• Manufacturing Information Systems
• Modeling and Simulation
• Manufacturing Processes and Equipment
• Enterprise Management and Technology Integration
• Legal and Regulatory Compliance

For Corporations, the results of this process is access to value added MSMEs and, for MSMEs, exposure to Corporations committed to supply chain diversity through valued added MSMEs.